Buying your home

Right to acquire

Right to acquire gives you the right to buy your home at a set discount. The money from the sale is invested into new social housing. You'll still need to pay us a service charge on the property.

To be eligible you must:

  • Live in a property that has been built or bought by a Housing Association using social housing grant funding after 31st March 1997
  • Have been the tenant of a social landlord for at least 2 years - or 5 years if you moved in after January 2005
  • Not live in a home in a 'Designated Protected Area' where the government has determined that social housing should remain as social housing in perpetuity.

Contact us on 01603 731644 or to find out more.

Right to buy

A few customers have the right to buy their home under the conditions available to local authority tenants. You may be eligible for this if you are a secure tenant of a property managed by Cotman on behalf of Places for People Homes and took up your tenancy in the 1980s.

Contact us on 01603 731644 or for more information about how you can make an application.

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