Rent and service charges

We aim to set fair rents that people can afford. We use our rent and service charge policy to work out rents for each home. 

Where does my rent go?

Your rent is our main source of income. It covers:

  • Day to day repairs, maintenance and management services
  • Improvements or replacements for things we cannot repair
  • Loans we have taken out to build new homes
  • Costs of running offices and paying our staff
  • Rent lost through arrears and empty properties.

As a non-profit company, any surpluses we make are re-invested in the business which includes building homes and improving homes and services.

Increases in rent

We must consult you if we are proposing to increase your rent. We'll write to you at least 28 days before any proposed increase is due. We change our rents and service charges in April each year.

Service charges

You may have to pay a charge for other services as well as your housing depending on where you live. This can be for services such as:

  • Landscape maintenance
  • Stair cleaning/lighting
  • Communal electricity
  • Caretaker service.

Your tenancy agreement and rent review notice contains details of the services you receive and the associated costs.

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