Basic home DIY repairs

We've put together some videos that are designed to help you carry out simple repairs safely.

Before you start

Getting started

Watch this video before you attempt any basic home repairs yourself.

Water and plumbing

Water leaks

Water leaks

How to locate the stop-tap and who to contact if you can't stop the leak.

Unblocking a sink

Sinks, baths and showers

Useful tips on clearing blockages.

Plumbing a washing machine

Washing machines

How to check your washing machine is plumbed-in correctly.

Leaky toilet

Leaky toilets

How to prevent blockages and what to do if you find a leak.

Gas and electrical

Gas leaks

Gas leaks

What to do if you smell gas. Who to call and what to expect next.


Relight pilot light

Boilers: relighting the pilot light

How to relight the pilot light and re-programme the boiler.

Resetting trip switch

Fuse box: resetting the trip switch

All you need to know - plus what to do if it won't reset.

Power failure

Power failure

What to do if the power goes off.

Change fluorescent tube

Lights: changing a fluorescent tube and starter

Fluorescent light flickering or stopped working? How to remove and replace the starter and change a fluorescent tube.

Dealing with pests

How to deal with pests

How to deal with pests

How to deal with rats and mice - and who to contact if you continue to have a problem.

Locks and keys

Forgetting your keys

Don't forget your keys

Lost your keys? Here's what to do. Plus tips for getting into your home if your locks are sticking or frozen up.

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