Transfers and exchanges

Want to move home?  We may be able to help if you're looking for:

  • A home in a different area
  • A larger or smaller property
  • Added support and security as you grow older.

More information:

Mutual exchanges

Will I get a transfer/exchange?


A transfer is when an existing customer moves to a vacant property owned by us or another social housing landlord.

We'll try to meet your housing needs wherever possible but we do not maintain a transfer list. We allocate all our properties using the relevant local authority. We can also help indirectly by offering assistance with local authority transfer procedures and completing welfare reports on your behalf.

You need to be aware that:

  • There's a high demand for transfers. You'll need to be as flexible as possible with your choice of area and property type.

How does it work?

Many councils operate the 'choice-based lettings' system. This is where available properties in the local authority area are advertised online, in the local free paper or are sent directly to applicants. You have to bid for a property and meet a series of criteria. The successful bidder will be someone who's been registered the longest in the highest band eligible for that property.

Choice-based lettings work differently from council to council. Some advertise all properties and existing residents have to bid alongside new applicants. Others keep a small percentage of properties - typically 20% - for transfer applicants. Our tenants benefit from being able to bid for these. You're able to apply for a transfer with any of the social landlords operating in the district.

Want to transfer?

Contact the lettings team for advice on 01603 731666 or

Mutual exchanges

A mutual exchange is where you 'swap' properties with another housing association or local authority tenant. It's often an effective way to find a new home. 

Exchanges are subject to certain rules such as property size, specialist properties and satisfactory conduct of tenancies. They can only take place with the consent of both landlords.

How to find an exchange

  • Register with Homeswapper. It's a national network of over 500 landlords where you can find suitable exchanges
  • Advertise in shops in the areas you wish to exchange
  • Advertise in a local newspaper.

Need more help? Contact us on 01603 731644 or for advice and guidance.

Will I get a transfer/exchange?

You'll need permission from us to transfer or exchange - but it's rare for us to turn someone down. Sometimes this happens because tenants:

  • Have rent arrears
  • Owe us money for repairs
  • Have not kept their home in good condition
  • Have broken their tenancy conditions
  • Want to move to a home that is too large or small for their needs
  • We don't have permission from everyone involved.
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